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Mini guide part 9

It is worth seeing
A mini guide to Jarosław

From the former suburban district of Przygrodzie we pass on to Głęboka street, called in the past Głembockie suburban area. In this district you should certainly visit the contemporary church of Christ the King, the chapel and the monastery of the Niepokalanki sisters. You should also take a look at the military grounds where barracks have been located since the Austrian period.

The church of Christ the King was consecrated in 1999 and is counted among the most interesting contemporary works of sacral architecture in Jarosław. It was built according to a design by Ewa and Jacek Gyurkovich. It has an exceptional and astonishing shape with a very interesting interior based on a bold and modern artistic project by Adam Brincken and Maciej Zychowicz. A number of active cultural and social associations function nowadays together with the parish.

Slightly beyond the church, where the former Jesuit farm was located, in a beautiful garden lies the Monastery of the Niepokalanki Sisters. The foundation was established thanks to the efforts of the congregation's founder, the blessed Mother Marcelina Darowska. In this complex a chapel designed and built in the years 1874-1876 by Walery Kołodziejski and Karol Knaus is especially worth your attention. The chapel, with its beautiful elevations in a classicising style, has a modest interior that contrasts with the golden neo-Renaissanse frame of the altar niche with the statue of the Immaculate Virgin Mary made of carrarian marble in 1858 by Tomasza Oskar Sosnowski. From the very beginning of its activity in Jarosław the Niepokalanki nuns have run a school for girls.

From the monastery garden there is a beautiful view on the San valley. You can see from here the villages surrounding Jarosław as well as St Nicolas hill lying in some distance to the north.

We hope that you have enjoyed this visit to our city. Thank you for your stay! We would like to invite all those who are interested in our city to a more thorough visit of Jarosław with a more comprehensive guide.

Krystyna Kieferling, Zofia Kostka-Bieńkowska